We’re Super Biased

The Media is biased. Anyone who claims otherwise, is lying. News is colored by the opinions of the editor. Research will almost never contradict the views of the person that ordered the research (or it wouldn’t be published). Reviews reflect the preferences of the person who wrote the piece.

And yet, some people say “They’re biased” as if that’s a weird, unexpected thing. As if editing, company culture or personal biases aren’t a thing or that this is something that you can completely remove from content.

Of course that’s not true. Here at SuperBiased we’re well aware of that. A few years ago, I realised “Of course I’m biased.” So I thought that’d be a funny domain name for a “news” website. “Yup. We’re biased. We’re not even trying to deny it. It’s right in our name, after all.” Not that we’re fans of radical honesty – it’s more of a case of buying silly domain names that could be used for a cool idea.

So, now you know. We have got a clear bias, and that’s going to affect how we write things, how we feel about things, and the things we choose (not) to write about. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

The goal of this blog is to offer you ‘news’, reviews, and content. We’re hoping that you’ll be able to pick up on our preferences. The idea of the blog is that you’re able to take note of what we like (and don’t like) and let that help you when you read a review of something. For example, if you and I like the same movies, you should be able to use that knowledge when I review another movie. “Hey, this dude likes the same movies as me, and he says Movie X is kind of neat?” I should go and see that. That way, our biases and preferences can help you make ‘smart’ choices.

To achieve that goal we are aiming for a few things in the future:

  • Create an overview per author per genre on stuff he wrote, E.G all movie reviews by me.
  • Adding authors that review the same stuff, so you can read a few reviews. Wait, what? You read that right. Instead of one “Super True Review” the plan is to give you four or five reviews, by different people, with their own preferences – so you can “rely” on the review of the dude you relate to the most. That might sound weird, but let’s not pretend that people aren’t already doing that already.

But for now, we’re trying to get the boring stuff out of the way. Getting some articles up. Connecting to social media and setting up our channels. Finding an Indian dude to create a logo.

Got an opinion?

Hey, you there. Yeah, you. The dude or dudette that got to the end of this first post. Man, I hate writing first posts. If you’re interested in writing for us, and going all-in while showing your preferences and bias to the world, contact us and send a mail to


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